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Here's where you'll find photo memories of many Senate functions.
If you have photos you'd like to see included on the web site, email them to me or mail them to me and I'll scan and return them to you.

Click on the links below to see photos from each event.

Valentine's Social 2017

Summer Social 2016

Holiday Social 2016

St. Paddy's Social 2015

2014 Summer Social

MAI 2014

Summer Social 2013

Holiday Social 2012

MAI 2012

MAI 2012 (thanks, Regina!)

Holiday Social 2011

40th Anniversary

Summer Social 2011

St. Patty's Social 2011

Camp New Jersey Jaycee

Super Bowl 2010 Party

Winter Board 2010

Holiday Social 2009

National Convention 2009 Atlanta, GA

MAI 2009 Morgantown, WV

2008 Holiday Social at Lynn DiPietropolo's

Summer Social 2008 at the Riveras

MAI 2008 Cooperstown, NY

Summer Social 2007 at the Sandhams

MAI 2005

Summer Social 2004 at DiPietropolos

National Convention 2004

Holiday Social at Nyzios (year anyone?)